This website is all about food made with no onions or garlic. It is often refer to as a sattvic diet or a yoga or Jain diet. You may follow these paths or you are a Swaminarayan, a Jain, a Vaishnav  or a Mahayana Buddhist devotee or you may not like the taste or be allergic to the onions or garlic, whatever your reasons we aim to bring the best news, views and recipes from around the world. We are continually searching for no onions, no garlic products and update the site frequently.

Our Mission

  • promote food with No Onions No Garlic
  • introducing a distinct symbol which could be relied upon completely when it came to buying food
  • build a worldwide community

The intent is to create a strong community with shared values of promoting a sattvic diet. I’m looking for contributors to add articles, news, and views as well as recipes.

One of the aims is to introduce a distinct symbol which could be used by food producers. Similar to the sign “suitable for vegetarians”; Can you help with design of the symbol?

I’ve kept the website minimal, so enjoy – any views – email me below.

If you would like to contribute to the site please email me at bharat@no-onions-no-garlic.com.