Why No Onions or No Garlic?

Basically “You Are What You Eat !!!”

The Chhândogya Upanishad (7/62/2) mentions:

“purity of diet purifies the antahkaran (heart): A purified antahkaran stabilises the mind which aids meditation and after mastering meditation, the baser instincts are instantly eradicated”

For those who wish for internal peace and spiritual progress the scriptures of the Hindus advocate stringent codes diet purity.

For diet purity, one has to know the inherent attributes (gunas) of food and then to avoid those whose attributes defile the body, mind and soul (Jiva).
In the Gità, Shri Krishna Bhagwàn (17/8,9,10) cites attributes of foods and their effects.

You will notice after eating no onions no garlic in your diet after a very prolong period your state of mind, clarity of thought will change. You will be able able to mediate easily and clearly. The day you accidentally eat onions and garlic your mental state will change and you find it difficult to mediate. It’s only becomes apparent when no onions and no garlic is for a while and then you eat them. Obviously, you must follow a lacto-vegetarian diet as well. Sometimes these are known as Sattvic Diet, Yoga or Yogic Diet, Jain Diet, Vaishnav Diet or a Swaminarayan Diet.

All foods can be classified in three categories. Onions and Garlic fall into the Tamasic food classification which is in the mostly avoidable category of foods.

Sattvic foods promote longevity, intelligence, vigour, happiness and cheerfulness. Sattvic foods are light in nature, easy to digest, mildly cooling, refreshing and not disturbing to the mind. They are best prepared with love and awareness.

Rajasic foods are bitter, sour, salty, overly hot (in temperature), which induce unquenchable thirst, fried, fermented, roasted, boiled, those left over a long time, induce salivation such as spices and those which induce pain, misery, apathy, depression and disease. These also include substances which alter normal consciousness, mood and mental poise.

Tamas means a state of darkness, ignorance, lethargy and Inactivity. A person in this state has no control of himself, for example, during bursts of anger or in deep sleep.

Foods which increase tamas are known as tamasic. These include: old, stale, which have lost their basic goodness and flavour, half-cooked, smelly, heavy to digest, impure, cold, partly eaten by somebody else and which contain bugs and hair. Animal flesh is tamasic since it is impure, induces lethargy and promotes ‘the animal’ in man. A flesh diet increases the baser instincts (vâsanâ) such as anger, violence, hate, greed, passion and lust. The net effect on the individual is misery – ashanti.

According to Shri Krishna in the Gitâ (2/66): ashântasya kutah sukham? – how can one who is miserable experience peace?

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